Are you looking to lose some fat in certain areas? If you are, Cavitation could be the perfect solution for you!

Ultrasonic or Ultrasound Cavitation is the use of ultrasound technology to break down fat cells below the skin. It is a no incision, non-surgical method of reducing cellulite and localized fat. 

If your voluptuous butt has gotten bigger than you’d like or dimpled in your swimsuit, Cavitation might be exactly what you and your curvaceous booty needs. Cavitation treatment causes an emulsification of fat that ruptures the fat cell membrane, thereby releasing its fat content. It converts it into a liquid substance easy to eliminate through the sweat gland, liver, and lymphatic system, which is eventually eliminated through urine. It basically vibrates fat cells until they burst. But it’s not just for your butt. You can target areas of your body that have more fat than what you like or are accustomed to. Everyone has what they consider their trouble areas. Ultrasonic Cavitation can be used on those specific areas.

Ultrasonic Cavitation and Cavitation RF

The procedure of both technologies is effective in firming the skin and most importantly, getting rid of cellulite. You will find that it works impressively in the overall texture and tone of your skin. It is incredible technology ready to be used at our disposal.

Our bodies develop fat cells as teenagers. When we become adults and start gaining weight, we are not creating new fat cells; we are enlarging the existing fat cells. The goal with Ultrasonic Cavitation is the breakdown of these cells, which is the first stage in this amazing process of fat reduction.

There are two parts of a Cavitation treatment available to you. 

Ultrasonic Cavitation and Cavitation with RF.

After the Ultrasonic Cavitation procedure, the radio frequency (RF) procedure is used on the same body parts to help shape, fat burning, and cellulite reduction. RF energy affects the deeper dermal layers, which result in a lifted contour, a decrease in deep wrinkles, and firmer skin. RF also promotes new collagen.  

The biological process your body goes through during a high quality combined ultrasonic cavitation (UC) and radio frequency (RF) skin tightening machine is the following:

  • UC – Break down of fat cells 
  • UC – Aids the removal of fat from the body
  • UC – Toning and tightening of the body area
  • RF – Heat deep fat cells & tissue
  • RF. Stimulates collagen production to increase the strength of your skin’s connective tissue
  • RF – Increase the elasticity of the skin to provide a tight beautiful cellulite-free appearance

Ultrasonic Cavitation reduces the body’s fat deposits that could be hard to get rid no matter how much a person exercises. However, this procedure cannot be used for weight loss treatment on its own. Ultrasonic Cavitation is best for reducing cellulite and adipose fat. The treatment improves body shape and reduces circumference. 

By targeting specific areas of the body, it allows you to contour your body. As our bodies age, collagen production reduces, which means that the connective tissue becomes weaker. When it gets weaker, the fat cells under the skin start to bulge through the connective tissue. These bulges are fat pockets and make the outer skin have dips and become uneven. It is this that gives the oh so dreaded cellulite appearance. 

By increasing our body’s production of collagen and elastin, our skin tone and texture become much smoother. Collagen is a protein in our tendons, bones, ligaments, and most importantly, SKIN. Collagen has many essential functions. In the case of cellulite, collagen provides the skin with structure and strength. Collagen provides the strength that holds the connective tissue together.  

Cavitation delivers electromagnetic energy deep into dermal tissues. The heating action that is put on your outer skin causes deep collagen structures within the skin to tighten immediately. The regular use of cavitation technology provides an environment that stimulates the production of collagen. The ability to produce collagen allows the appearance of cellulite to fade. This is a considerable advancement for the treatment of cellulite. It is also effective in firming the skin and most importantly, getting rid of cellulite. With the combination of the 2 Cavitation procedures, you will find that it works impressively to firm, tone, and tighten your skin.

Here are 10 pros to getting Ultrasonic Cavitation:

  1. Bursts fat cells with sound waves
  2. Melts away stubborn fat. 
  3. Reduces fat, tightens skin, and smooths away cellulite
  4. Recommended 10-12 treatments
  5. Requires little to no downtime
  6. Causes minimum side effects
  7. Leaves no scars
  8. No anesthesia is needed
  9. Results occur gradually, so you can maintain discretion about the treatment
  10. FDA Approved, no incision, non-surgical

Cavitation procedure on the abdomen

Which are the best body parts for ultrasonic Cavitation?

Ultrasonic Cavitation works best on parts of our body with pockets of fat. Everyone is different, but most people’s trouble areas are the abdomen, flanks, thighs, hips, and upper arms. The cavitation procedure cannot be performed on body parts like the head, neck, and other bony areas of the body. 


Avoid alcohol and caffeine for 2-3 days before and 2-3 after the treatment. The lymphatic system and liver must be in optimum condition to process waste from the body during this time. The results will be worth the effort!

Maintaining a low calorie, low carbohydrate, low fat, and low sugar diet for 24 hours pre-treatment and three days post-treatment will help achieve the best results. This will ensure that your body utilizes the triglycerides (a type of body fat) released by the fat cavitation process. Many times a client can stick to this diet much longer than the 2-3 days. Clients find that it’s a great jump-start to the healthier lifestyle that they’ve been envisioning. 

Post treatment, the fat cells that have been broken down will leave the body by means of lipolysis. What you will find is that over 72 hours after your session, your body will continue to process and remove the broken down fat cells and toxins from your body. You will find that during this time, you will need to go to the toilet more frequently than you normally do, so it’s important that you keep your fluids up and drink plenty of water to remain hydrated. The process that is taking place in your body is removing the broken down fat cells from your body, so for best results, it’s important to aid this process and flush the broken down fat and toxins from your body by drinking plenty of water. Water is the best way to move it along and through your body until it’s flushed out. 

Remember, you can get rid of cellulite. You need to be committed to carry out some simple routines and invest in yourself

Post Ultrasonic Cavitation Treatment:

  • Working out directly after treatment accelerates the process by helping the body to remove fat and toxins quicker. Any kind of workout that helps you sweat is ideal. Sitting in a sauna or steam room is also an excellent alternative for accelerating the removal of fat and toxins.
  • Continue drinking a lot of water for the next three days to flush out toxins and drain.
  • Continue working out over the next three days.
  • Enjoy the Results!
  • Perform touch-ups as needed.

What are realistic expectations from Cavitation?

Clients can expect a local fat loss as the natural slimming process occurs. The ultrasonic fat cavitation treatment technique has proved very effective on any fat; this includes visceral fats (intra-abdominal fats).

Do the effects from Cavitation treatment last?

Yes, ultrasound stimulation bypasses our central nervous system (which controls the release of noradrenaline); hence no fat rebound effect is observed.

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